Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adventures in 25 Man Healing

My druid's been 70 for a while now.

I've braved Karazhan a number of times, most of the time in full out PuG runs. On my server it's pretty easy to find a kara group as a healer or tank. Only once, last week as a matter of fact, has my group turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. Healing the smaller 10 man raid, or specifically Karazhan (I sincerely doubt I have the gear to comfortably heal in ZA) is comfortable, and I treat it in much the same way I do a 5 man, only with the idea in the back of my head that there are 1-2 other healers helping me keep these people alive. This has served me well so far, I have topped the healing meter on almost ever run I've brought my druid to, and aside from last week there have not been any terrible wipes...

My last post here was quite a while ago. Things have been a little crazy in my real life, we're looking for a house and we're first time buyers so... life has become overwhelming for a period here! Anyway, since that last post I have found a new guild for my main, a raiding arcane mage, and within that guild I have finally brought over a few of my many alts, including my druid. Last night was sort of an Alt night within the guild. We don't really do tier 4 content anymore with our core group, personally I've only done Gruul's lair as a mage a handful of times, I could have brought my mage last night... I was encouraged to do so because we needed a mage tank but I begged to be able to heal it. I begged and then the second I zoned in I was scared as hell I'd mess it up.

Things that never occurred to me playing a mage creeped into my head. Like... where do I stand for high king and how often will I be moving? With a mage, I know the ranged kill order and theres a huge pack of dps moving around from target to target burning them down. Even if you aren't quite sure where to be headed next, the arrows and fireballs zooming over your head tend to make the direction you should be moving fairly obvious. I was assigned to heal the tank on High King with one of our raiding rogue's priest alts. We're both normally dps, neither one of us had been in a 25 man setting as healers. We were scared. We did amazingly well on both of the dungeon's two bosses...

The more I'm able to play a resto druid, the more I think in the coming expansion I will make this character my main.

Why were we worried?