Sunday, March 24, 2013

The end of a path

Honestly, I had completely forgotten about this blog, I forgot that it ever existed. I continued to play my druid from the time the previous post was written until very recently. She went through a server transfer, a faction transfer, a shift of focus from PvE to PvP, and finally retirement at the beginning of Mists Pandaria.

I will always remember playing her fondly, she was the focus of my entire experience during Wrath of the Lich King. She was the character I played while I was guild master of a guild that was extremely important to me at the time. She was the character I played when I met some of the most interesting and entertaining people I have had the pleasure of playing MMO's with. She is the character I will forever associate with the game I loved for a very long time.

My druid has retired, and while I am still currently playing World of Warcraft, as a priest I can sense that my time in Azeroth is coming to end. It's been a wonderful journey, I met some interesting people who will forever impact my life. Thank you to all of those who touched me on the way to the end of the path.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adventures in 25 Man Healing

My druid's been 70 for a while now.

I've braved Karazhan a number of times, most of the time in full out PuG runs. On my server it's pretty easy to find a kara group as a healer or tank. Only once, last week as a matter of fact, has my group turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. Healing the smaller 10 man raid, or specifically Karazhan (I sincerely doubt I have the gear to comfortably heal in ZA) is comfortable, and I treat it in much the same way I do a 5 man, only with the idea in the back of my head that there are 1-2 other healers helping me keep these people alive. This has served me well so far, I have topped the healing meter on almost ever run I've brought my druid to, and aside from last week there have not been any terrible wipes...

My last post here was quite a while ago. Things have been a little crazy in my real life, we're looking for a house and we're first time buyers so... life has become overwhelming for a period here! Anyway, since that last post I have found a new guild for my main, a raiding arcane mage, and within that guild I have finally brought over a few of my many alts, including my druid. Last night was sort of an Alt night within the guild. We don't really do tier 4 content anymore with our core group, personally I've only done Gruul's lair as a mage a handful of times, I could have brought my mage last night... I was encouraged to do so because we needed a mage tank but I begged to be able to heal it. I begged and then the second I zoned in I was scared as hell I'd mess it up.

Things that never occurred to me playing a mage creeped into my head. Like... where do I stand for high king and how often will I be moving? With a mage, I know the ranged kill order and theres a huge pack of dps moving around from target to target burning them down. Even if you aren't quite sure where to be headed next, the arrows and fireballs zooming over your head tend to make the direction you should be moving fairly obvious. I was assigned to heal the tank on High King with one of our raiding rogue's priest alts. We're both normally dps, neither one of us had been in a 25 man setting as healers. We were scared. We did amazingly well on both of the dungeon's two bosses...

The more I'm able to play a resto druid, the more I think in the coming expansion I will make this character my main.

Why were we worried?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Life after levels

I reached level 70 on my baby druid, I guess she's not a baby druid anymore!

I love my druid. Of the three level 70 characters I have my little tree is hands down the most fun for me to play. I've been having fun going to the level 70 5 mans with PuG groups. I know who would have thought PuGs could be fun!

I went to Shadow Labyrinth last night with a very nice group of people, a shaman gearing up his first level 70, a paladin working on his second and a pair of terrific hunters. We had a little trouble with Vorpil only because some of the group had never done it before and didn't really understand where we were going when we started kiting him around. The only real challenge for me was Murmur, I'm not sure if that was me or if it was the group. I know the tank was having trouble seeing when murmur was doing that aoe blast so he took a lot of blast damage. I was having trouble getting back from the tent when I was the bomb in time to heal him so I ended up just letting the bomb throw me into the air and lifeblooming myself on the way down to make up for the additional fall damage. I'm pretty sure that's not the most efficient way of healing that fight but I really couldn't think of anything else to do.

My guild is kind of stagnant right now and I'm thinking I might need to find somewhere else to go, I love my guildies, they are all very dear friends of mine but we're just too small to have anything ever going on besides the occasional Karazhan. I can't even get a 3 out of 5 spots filled by guildies!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Toys

One of the many things I love about World of Warcraft is the ability to customize the user interface with all of the user made addons there are available for the game. I've said it before, I am an addon junky. Surprisingly I have never been completely burned by this addiction. I update my addon's every week, so far, when a patch has hit I have some minor hic-ups for the first few hours and by the end of the day all of my "essentials" are up and running again. My "essentials" include Bongos2 and Pitbull and for my Druid, Clique. Those three are probably the only three addons other than guild required things like a threat meter and Boss Mods that I actually NEED to play Warcraft.

This week with 2.4 hitting the biggest snag I ran into was for a little bit before I left for work on Tuesday night, Pitbull, was enabled but not working. That was it... well my damage meter isn't working either but I expected that with the overhaul blizzard has done to the default combat log.

Anyway, this post is about my new toy, really it is. My new toy is the Belkin N52te. I come from using a Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit (Yes really ugly bulky name). I am in love with this speedpad. The Saitek has a few more buttons but, the east of programming the Belkin, the way that it fits my hand, and simply the more responsive the buttons are make the Belkin a much better choice. If you're looking into a speedpad, either this one or perhaps Belkin's older model the N52 (I have never used this one but my husband has and he says it's nice) is the way to go.

I also have some updates on Luna's progress I don't have time to write them out right now but good things have happened I promise!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Luna is a hair away from level 66, yesterday I respec'd her from Balance/Resto (something similar to Phae's resto leveling build) to a resto tree of life build. /dance is made of win in tree form.

I haven't really done anything spectacular lately, I spent last night wandering around BRD with a resto shaman friend of mine, we decided we'd get attuned for Molten Core for no reason. One of the Holy Paladins in the guild logged on and decided to join us, thank goodness she did because neither one of us has the shadowforged key so we were doing a lot of "Um, how do we get there without the key". So the three of us, three of the only girls in the guild, ventured into BRD and got our toons keyed for MC. Then we converted to raid and hopped in. Just the three of us. The resto shaman is a trouble maker you see, and she likes to get us into things that are over our heads. We pulled the first two mobs. To quote the shaman "Wow, for level 62 elites these things sure are... zomg run out run out" We had the holy paladin tanking, I was healing, and the shaman was off healing and dpsing. We didn't have enough dps between the three of us... I think we only managed to shave a teeny tiny bit off of the first one's life before we abandoned it.

It was a fun little foray into old world instances and a nice break from Underbog and Mana Tombs.

Speaking of Mana Tombs, there's a HUGE difference in my opinion between the difficulty of healing UB and the difficulty of healing Mana Tombs. I'm glad I had my discipline priest friend with me to off heal or we might have had to do a few more corpse runs. I think I can manage it better this time. I had never realized how insane some of those pulls really are.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I might be an addon junky

I'll be the first person to admit it. I'm an addon addict. If you were to look at my UI there's little to maybe nothing left of Blizzard's default UI. I've replaced everything, action bars, buff tracker, quest tracking, the mini map the unit frames... everything.

With my mage and warlock I have everything keybound and I use a Saitek Pro-Gamer Command Unit (the saitek version of belkins's speedpad) Now, this set up has served me well for all dps rolls, and when Luna was feral spec'd in the beginning it was very useful to me then however, I hate trying to heal that way. I'm not a big fan of making macros for every little thing I do and, to adapt my saitek style to how I'd ideally like to be healing, I'd have to make a crap-ton, yes a crap ton, of mouse-over macros.

I'm a lazy druid. I don't want to make a ton of macros so I needed a solution. Enter Clique.

I use Clique in combination with my favorite unitframe addon, Pitbull. There's no going back. In my opinion Clique, a decent Unitframe replacement and a mouse with a LOT of buttons is so the way to go. I have yet to play with making Clique macros, that could change my opinion of the addon, but I doubt it. I think I'm in love.

I still have things keybound. Right now, Luna is kind of an odd Balance/resto blend close to a dreamstate build but not dreamstate (I may be changing this around if I find the spec isn't working for me but so far I like it and I'm only doing the leveling 5 mans right now) so, on easier instances and during my solo (or rather light grouping I almost always have an elemental shaman with me) endeavors I use my speed pad for my balance spells. I also have some straight up modifier keys bound directly to my saitek in particular shift and alt are bound to keys 9 and 10 on my device. I'm not sure if I could do this with a belkin, although I havent tried it because the belkin has a few less buttons. I bound shift and alt to the saitek in my druid profile because... I'm a noob and kept hitting the windows key and basically alt tabbing out of the game while I was trying to heal. You don't want to be the noob that tells the rogue he died because as you were going to heal him you tabbed out of the game.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happily HoTing everything

Well my guild is kind of on a break from raiding, four of our core raiders are deploying to Iraq this week and one of our healers just found out she's going to have a baby so we're not raiding because people's schedules are nuts and unfortunately we need to replace four people for the 15 months! they will be overseas (We all hope they will be safe over there, and they promised to stop by our forums now and then to check in)

So I've been leveling my alliance druid on the same server as my main. I find myself throughly enjoying happily HoTing my way through Ramparts and Blood Furnace with my elemental shaman leveling companion and Rez buddy lol. I wonder if I'd have a more difficult time finding a group for these instances if he wasn't there.

Now, I've been looking at the instance drops, and while there are some nice leather items it seems that the cloth items, to my untrained resto nooblet eye, have slightly better stats. Should I pass on these clothie upgrades and hold out for the leather ones since I essentially have no aggro dump, or resign to be completely dependent on my tank to save me when I draw the attention of some of our not so friendly PvE opponents? Ideally I wouldn't have to worry about as I shouldn't be taking damage, but this is BC, and we all know that BC means AoE lol. There have been a couple of instances, like the last boss in Ramparts for example where if my tank isn't particularly attentive of when the dragon lands I can easily be two shotted. Even though I tell the tank before hand that when that dragon lands he's coming straight for me, a lot of the PuGs we end up in... well they just don't listen or they don't care. I wonder if there's something I can do about this or if they are just nooblets and I should take the cloth drops.

On the flip side of things I've also started leveling another druid! Horde side on Bronzebeard. She's my stealthed feline assasin to offset Luna's peaceful HoTing. If you look closely you can see her stealthing up the stairs to dispatch a quick death to her most recent quest objective. I really wish I would have rolled a druid as my first toon. I enjoy this class so much more than my current main!