Monday, April 7, 2008

Life after levels

I reached level 70 on my baby druid, I guess she's not a baby druid anymore!

I love my druid. Of the three level 70 characters I have my little tree is hands down the most fun for me to play. I've been having fun going to the level 70 5 mans with PuG groups. I know who would have thought PuGs could be fun!

I went to Shadow Labyrinth last night with a very nice group of people, a shaman gearing up his first level 70, a paladin working on his second and a pair of terrific hunters. We had a little trouble with Vorpil only because some of the group had never done it before and didn't really understand where we were going when we started kiting him around. The only real challenge for me was Murmur, I'm not sure if that was me or if it was the group. I know the tank was having trouble seeing when murmur was doing that aoe blast so he took a lot of blast damage. I was having trouble getting back from the tent when I was the bomb in time to heal him so I ended up just letting the bomb throw me into the air and lifeblooming myself on the way down to make up for the additional fall damage. I'm pretty sure that's not the most efficient way of healing that fight but I really couldn't think of anything else to do.

My guild is kind of stagnant right now and I'm thinking I might need to find somewhere else to go, I love my guildies, they are all very dear friends of mine but we're just too small to have anything ever going on besides the occasional Karazhan. I can't even get a 3 out of 5 spots filled by guildies!


Yashima said...

Gratz to Level 70 and the nice PuGs.

I am part of the leadership of a small guild that sometimes has trouble getting guild groups together. We're about 30 members now. Most evenings there are 10-12 of us online. We do have more or less weekly Kara runs. But before that happened there were a lot of complaints about there being too few guild events. Right now most people are quite content with the number of guild events.

I am always sad when people leave without talking to me or the GM first. Maybe there is the option to bring some small change ... just talk to your GM/Officers.

What helped us was doing a first few Kara runs organized by clear principles and using a web event calendar for signups up to a week ahead. I found a good week-day where most people had time. After I started the first few runs some guild members realized they could organize such runs. If Kara is too big start by doing some heroics that way. We even create signup-events for 5-mans sometimes when it seems it is too hard to find a guild group.

We also communicated clearly that there would be more events if there were more people willing to tank or heal. We always have more DPSers.

If you love your guild communicate with them about your troubles.

We also invite non guild members on runs. But those cannot be randoms they should signup on the web thingy as well. We use an in-game channel for these "Friends of the Guild". It is much easier to invite people there than to invite them into the guild. We still do so after some consideration only ;)

I hope my comment is not offending. I am just so sad whenever a guild member leaves unexpectedly without giving me a chance to think about possible improvements to make them happier. I cannot always do that but I appreciate being given the chance to try.

Good Luck

Lunarblossom said...

Oh no offense taken and I appreciate the advice.

I am an officer in this guild and we have tried signups, we do have a channel "friends of the guild" but it hasn't helped our memebers might just be way to casual for organized events. I actually took my mage out of the guild but left my druid and other alts behind because I DO love my guildies I just want to see some more of the end game before the xpack comes out.