Monday, March 17, 2008


Luna is a hair away from level 66, yesterday I respec'd her from Balance/Resto (something similar to Phae's resto leveling build) to a resto tree of life build. /dance is made of win in tree form.

I haven't really done anything spectacular lately, I spent last night wandering around BRD with a resto shaman friend of mine, we decided we'd get attuned for Molten Core for no reason. One of the Holy Paladins in the guild logged on and decided to join us, thank goodness she did because neither one of us has the shadowforged key so we were doing a lot of "Um, how do we get there without the key". So the three of us, three of the only girls in the guild, ventured into BRD and got our toons keyed for MC. Then we converted to raid and hopped in. Just the three of us. The resto shaman is a trouble maker you see, and she likes to get us into things that are over our heads. We pulled the first two mobs. To quote the shaman "Wow, for level 62 elites these things sure are... zomg run out run out" We had the holy paladin tanking, I was healing, and the shaman was off healing and dpsing. We didn't have enough dps between the three of us... I think we only managed to shave a teeny tiny bit off of the first one's life before we abandoned it.

It was a fun little foray into old world instances and a nice break from Underbog and Mana Tombs.

Speaking of Mana Tombs, there's a HUGE difference in my opinion between the difficulty of healing UB and the difficulty of healing Mana Tombs. I'm glad I had my discipline priest friend with me to off heal or we might have had to do a few more corpse runs. I think I can manage it better this time. I had never realized how insane some of those pulls really are.

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Morannon said...

Yeah, those pulls can be a real bitch without enough CC. And that cursed mana draining. Once they get started on the healer as a tank I now it's time to wrap it up quickly as the big ol' bag o' healing is runnin' dry :)

Seems like a fun idea to run the old Azeroth instances. I've heard loads about Onyxia and Molten Core but never seen the inside of any of them - and apparently they do retain a wee bit of whopass still? :)

After your reassuring comment on my spec dilemma I think I'll jump into fully fledged healer right away. I'd better get some healing experience before the level 70 instances anyway :)

Anyhow, I bet a gz on lvl 66 will be about due by now :)