Monday, February 18, 2008

Through the Portal

The perfect place for a picnic? Well... maybe not, and hey! has anyone seen my shaman? Elemental Shaman, always keep you waiting and on valentine's day to boot!

My husband and I have gone through the dark portal at last. And yes, I still had that level thirty something quest reward staff... because I'm a cheap druid and I knew there'd be something nice waiting on the other side of a quest turn in for me.

My guild told me I was crazy for going resto as I leveled, they said I'd find it hard to kill things and do my quests by myself. I didn't run into that problem on the other side of the portal, and I haven't noticed a significant change in my damage output in fact it is probably better, gear does that for you. I wonder if it's going to get hard? Am I going to regret my heavy resto build? Should I instance hop my way to 70? I'll probably be fine even if I was a full tree build, My husband's shaman is now elemental and he pumps out a good amount of damage, and now that we're the same level again we can quest together.

I went to Ramparts right after dinging 60, that was only the second time I had healed an instance before. Our priest died twice, I felt so bad! She was just so squishy and died so fast! She's the only one who died the entire run. I guess that's ok? She did some off healing, I wonder how I'd do if I was the only healer, maybe we'd have wiped? I would really like to get lifebloom!

So I'm a level 60 nervous resto druid, riding in style!

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