Friday, October 12, 2007

Shifting Perspectives

Leveling with a druid is more fun than I had expected it to be. I come to playing a druid from playing a mage, so I knew I'd be at home with the casting portion that consumes levels 1-10. I stayed around the night-elf starting area at first, mostly because I hadn't done those quests with my main and it's always fun to do something new but there's something I just can't stand about Teldrassil, maybe it's because of it's remote location or maybe it just makes me sleepy the music is so soothing it actually makes me tired... who knows. I just couldn't wait to get off that island. I stayed around because I figured since Night Elves are the only race in the alliance that can be druids, I'd have to come back to Darnassus quite a bit to pick up my class specific quests. I prefer the Draenei starting area over all others, the quests are just more entertaining for me, probably because they were added after Blizzard knew what was fun and what wasn't! So... I stayed on that little island until I finished my bear quest, those moonkins outside the cave hit pretty hard on a level 10 and the actual quest mob was much easier to kill than the Moonkins outside the cave.

After completing the quest and shifting into my first form I happy danced right off the dock as I awaited the boat for Azure Myst. I wasn't sticking around that darkshore any longer than I had to, and luckily there is a druid trainer right at the point where the boat docks, so If any other young druids prefer the quests in Azure Myst it's just a short boat ride away and there is a readily available druid trainer! Now, I'm sure bear form is a lot of fun at higher levels, I know there's a druid in my guild that's been feral since he rolled his character and he absolutely loves tanking but... for leveling bear form was not my favorite. I did most of my killing as a caster (which oddly was not what I expected to be doing) shifting into bear only if I was about to go out of mana or the monster was closing in on me. I have quite few alts and I must say levels 10-20 on a druid are SLOW going. It's a good thing the quests aren't that hard to do (aside from a couple of group quests) and the story is fun to follow. I started on Azure Myst even though the area was slightly under leveled for me, it gave me a big boost and fast quests to run through. It only took me two days to go from level 1-20, but I really pushed it. I was home sick from work so I had nothing else to do.

When I picked up my quest to get Aquatic Form I was so excited. Who wouldn't want to be a seal? How cute is that? I actually had never really seen a druid in aquatic form before... it's absolutely terrifying.
Look at those fangs! That thing is going to eat me! Wait... no... that is me, *shudder* though useful for picking stranglekelp and leaving that poor shaman I've been questing with to swim to the next island slowly and alone it's quite a frightening form. I think this particular shot in the blood red waters of BloodMyst Isle amplifies it's creepy-ness.

When I picked up cat form things started moving a little more quickly, I'm really enjoying stealthing around and the ability to pop out and give myself a quick heal and keep dealing death is so much fun! I can't wait to expereince some more with this versatile class!

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Phaelia said...

I like what I see here! I hope you resume posting again soon and will be keeping an eye on your blog in case the bug bites you. =)